Hello to all…just coming in for a post…went out over the weekend and let’s just say sushi and drinks don’t mixed at all…….. I watch my girlfriend blow out chucks of scramble sushi by the end of the nite after we went clubbing……..Everytime she did it of course it made me feel like I had tooo, but instead I was dry heaving which is worst thing ever…….I had to cancel my session and reschedule it……so no more sushi and going out yuck…..I will just stick to my hotwings and a juicy greasy cheeseburger with all the works it holds the liquor better….I know that works better ,but I had a taste for sushi so won’t do it again..

 well my new webcam came in that my good doggie got me, and haven’t had a chance to take pics off it yet will maybe tomorrow or late tonight…my old one was really mess up had fuzzy colors going through it every time  used it….so I will see how it goes….. got on cam with it on yahoo and I was moving like a robot…so I made a account on skype and it moves alot faster…….

here is a couple of pics from old cam

cute fishnets stocking from slavedoggie…yeah yeah..I know my junk in the background believe me I know your not paying any attention to that are you…just what I thought…just me snacking on hotwings and eating on polish candy bars..I didn’t get these curves from starving..

see all that fuzz color in this pic even my vids was messing up too…so will play with new webcam and see how it comes out..

just a regular pic when cam was working fine …soooo enjoy…

Untill I  speak again

*spanks* *spanks*

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