Tribute to your Goddess

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tribute $50

tribute $100

tribute $200

tribute $300

When you are ready toTRIBUTE ME

it proves you are worthy enough to serve me which also elimanate the real from the fakes…I want REAL WORTHY SLAVES..

so before any questions on how you want to serve ME this what I require period no ands, whats, ifs, or buts about it….

so do not try to go around it like a dog chasing it’s tail….if you want MY time which is extremely precious to me and I’m quite sure you DO then do so by tributing…

tributing to me always pays off as I’m not a clock watcher either if you are my regulars long time subs or I see that you have potential of becoming one of my slaves you get special treatment if I and I did say I feel like it…

.more dedicated($$$) more attention you will get…

now if you see this is not your fortay then you know how it ends don’t you…yep its GOODBYE….do YOU Understand!!! good I’m glad to clear up any misunderstandings you had to endure

Now to my potentials worthy ones you know what to do and do it with a smile..scroll up and use that index finger recklessly…

© 2006-2010 Goddess Davina