Hello to all…just coming in for a post…went out over the weekend and let’s just say sushi and drinks don’t mixed at all…….. I watch my girlfriend blow out chucks of scramble sushi by the end of the nite after we went clubbing……..Everytime she did it of course it made me feel like I had tooo, but instead I was [...]

A Please Goddess Davina

 Well my pedipet did good at Pleasing his Goddess and did it fast shipment…He has been doing his daily rituals like a good pet..The rest of you did good with the GC’s… I use them to buy freinds and family gifts and Goddess Davina could always use more…My pedipet is learning how to be a [...]

For the Love of Power Exchange

Well as some of you may know that I do Rt sessions ,but I’m a picky one for sure…. so if  I decide to see you ..you better act like you struck gold..yep Gold with some diamonds trimmings on it…Talk to three of my RL sluts who schedule something this week…One of them who can take my [...]


     Well this what I have so far as my site……. maybe later I will do more , but since I’m doing it on my own cus I rather do it that way and after yrs of trying it’s not that of a big deal to be stressing over it…this good enough for me and that [...]

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