For the Love of Power Exchange

Well as some of you may know that I do Rt sessions ,but I’m a picky one for sure…. so if  I decide to see you better act like you struck gold..yep Gold with some diamonds trimmings on it…Talk to three of my RL sluts who schedule something this week…One of them who can take my strap on like a champ…

I think he can take it better then anything I ever seen…he’s a real big slut and loves huge things up the a hole believe me he can take it he have been taking it like that for years…haha…also it another one he right behind him not as close but second runner up taking huge stuff up his a-hole I see him mostly every week..

now I’ve been getting alot virgin booties lately what is up with that….do you atleast use a finger?cmon you can’t tell me every now and then your gf don’t accidently slip a finger…opps maybe I’m just speaking for myself…haha..stick a finger in there make my job easeir…practice makes perfect my huge strap-on can’t do nothing…I can’t even get the head in…unless like you like tearing …pain…bleeding… then Goddess Davina will be evil and not used no lube…haha as I said before something about putting a man on all 4 like a bitch slut and taking him over breaking him down to a helpless whining slut that’s begging for more…I love it….so much fun for me….

a few pics of the slut who can take huge things in lil places….haha

Of course I think I do it better then most guys anyway how do I know a few girls told me so…hah…I found this song that fit me sooooo perfect…

hope you enjoy it


until Goddess Davina speaks again

 Spanks Spanks




Well this what I have so far as my site……. maybe later I will do more , but since I’m doing it on my own cus I rather do it that way and after yrs of trying it’s not that of a big deal to be stressing over it…this good enough for me and that all that fucking matters…haha

oh I also did my livejournal and myspace…..yep copy and paste routine easy that way don’t have time to be creating different stuff unless I have time on my hands and I don’t….don’t have time to do pics set with the millions of pics I have and don’t really have to resize vids…I know you have to find time and I will…I’m so working on that….

right now I’m updating my niteflirts lines cus someone took down my background one on my main and two lines….yeah funny funny….hey I laugh with you….two people laughing is better then one….so all I had up there was like four pics with no words because my words were white….just great…..I was already to lazy to add link to the buttons, but now I have to fix it ….blah…To the one who had it remove thank you for forcing me to work on my niteflirt page and for me to stop being a lazy ass……two of my pages were untouch since 2005 along with main….barely use my phonelines…I guess when I’m done with them  I can turn them on since I was force to fix my pages…oh fucking thanks to the one who all the time in the world including the next left time and then some…to go around deleting people stuff..haha

now there something below my subbies and admirers should be attending to ….now mouse over n  use that index finger recklessly…..haha

 ~this is where I want you to use your index finger~

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