old slave back

   Well an old slave came back to where he belongs..he click on my yahoo on  july the 15 and ask to be added which I did and then it’s right back all down hill for him hahaha……right off the clift he falls for me….he cannot resist…he will not resist….he knows that lil lil ole manclit can’t realese itself unless I say so….he knows I(Goddess Davina) deserve it all…every last bit of it…nothing for him…nada…give give while that manclit stay tuck away in pain dripping tears..remember you don’t get to do shit unless I say so.. I put up a vid *that he REQUESTED* just for his tiny having of a dick ass  up just for him to keep buying…He knows All that Matters is ME…All That Matters is Me…

There’s  more to this conversation but don’t need the prying eyes looking now do we…ha ha Because we know ALL THAT MATTERS IS ME…

 Last night he got to veiw me 10 second three times and keep paying while fucking his man pussy with a cucumber..lol ,But he got a message can’t purchase you just bought vid thirty min ago…so he brought other vids to make up for it….that tiny lil nub musta had bust into tears twice maybe with out touching who knows he got the cucumber up his ass 4 inches saying it was so painful…you must learn to take it all for me you sissy slut…now he got to clean the mess with his toothbrush awwwwwww….carpet lint and cum what a combo….Now we going to do it all over again….Invisible chastity belt here we go right on that lil clitty..


My clip is number 1 under Financial Domination studios (smiles)…Good job my paypet let’s take it up a notch see how far it can go..cus pt 2 is going to be a hell of a ride for your ass…


zoom in if you can’t see it..

Let’s keep going pt two is going to be a mind fuck for you my paypet..

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

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