My pedipet~24/7 slave

  Hello to all my subbies,sluts and admirers…I’ve been chatting with my pedipet as he is in training to be my 24/7 slave…I’ve know him for about 3 yrs online….he listen and watch my vids over and over the way it should be…. he got me some very hot looking heels,paddle and a $50 GC…..he is my whipped pedipet that loves me with all his heart…don’t you my pedipet…ALWAYS you will…

they are tall…make me look like a giant Goddess…love them

this paddle though it seem flimsy have a pretty nice sting to it..*evil grin*


me and pedipet on skype

I had alot of fun demanding….


Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

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