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old slave back

   Well an old slave came back to where he belongs..he click on my yahoo on  july the 15 and ask to be added which I did and then it’s right back all down hill for him hahaha……right off the clift he falls for me….he cannot resist…he will not resist….he knows that lil lil ole manclit can’t [...]


Hello to every1 and to all my subbies and admirers…Well they found the dress as I was picking up something else pedipet got me….. the dress was lost for three weeks….hmmmm weird…check and inspect to make sure nothing been tamper with…looks in place.. well I’m glad it was found…   more fun chatting with my [...]

Ass & feet slave

Hello to every1 ,subbies,sluts and admirers…Had few sessions this month with this slave who on a busy schedule …. we talk for a bit before the meet up…He’s soo funny he loves to worship ass and feet….He ask me a silly question…”do I like to masturbate”…yea who don’t and he chuckle when I told him I broke my [...]

a lil surprise

Hello to every1 ,subbies and admirers…well I got this lil gift in the mail and didn’t know who sent it..well it was from my lil doggie….it makes your feet feels wonderful soooo relax… he did it before and got me these lovely boots which are nice… so like I said before I love gifts and [...]

my pedipet

  Hello to every1,subbies and my admirers…had fun with peditpet on skype ..using him is sooo much fun…. yesss I think he looks very good on his knees like every slave should be.. the dress is really look hot and sexy on me…   I just love these heels…don’t know why the pic came out crazy [...]

My pedipet~24/7 slave

  Hello to all my subbies,sluts and admirers…I’ve been chatting with my pedipet as he is in training to be my 24/7 slave…I’ve know him for about 3 yrs online….he listen and watch my vids over and over the way it should be…. he got me some very hot looking heels,paddle and a $50 GC…..he is [...]

pathetic white low life n newbie

Hello to all my subbies,sluts and admirers….chatting to my white low life about certain things …I prolly tell later as we see how it goes but he got my nice thigh high boots took some pics in them… you only get one that’s it… may I add they do look good on me too… well later on [...]

My good boy

Hello to all my subbies,admires and sluts…I was on my yahoo and my goodboy who buys my clips and enjoy watching them came out out the blue and tribute $$ to me on niteflirt…… he loves my clips and can’t stop watching them over and over again…He knows what is best for him and that is to [...]


Hello to all…just coming in for a post…went out over the weekend and let’s just say sushi and drinks don’t mixed at all…….. I watch my girlfriend blow out chucks of scramble sushi by the end of the nite after we went clubbing……..Everytime she did it of course it made me feel like I had tooo, but instead I was [...]

A Please Goddess Davina

 Well my pedipet did good at Pleasing his Goddess and did it fast shipment…He has been doing his daily rituals like a good pet..The rest of you did good with the GC’s… I use them to buy freinds and family gifts and Goddess Davina could always use more…My pedipet is learning how to be a [...]

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