Ass & feet slave

Hello to every1 ,subbies,sluts and admirers…Had few sessions this month with this slave who on a busy schedule …. we talk for a bit before the meet up…He’s soo funny he loves to worship ass and feet….He ask me a silly question…”do I like to masturbate”…yea who don’t and he chuckle when I told him I broke my rabbit…I really did though…. so on our first session which was only 45 minutes of him kissing my black ass and worshipping my feet (so lovely) …he bought me a couple of gifts on our first session my love spell and a rabbit…I told him he will never see me using it…he said I know Goddess felt bad you broke your rabbit so I thought I will replace it and get you another one….oh how thoughtful of him…lol…well saw him already 4 times this month and 45 minutes of kissing ass and worshipping my feet $450 a pop is what it cost his pathetic ass kissing/feet licking butt…haha

session like this is easy no sweating or nothing just worship my ass and feet and get out my face…haha

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

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