A Please Goddess Davina

 Well my pedipet did good at Pleasing his Goddess and did it fast shipment…He has been doing his daily rituals like a good pet..The rest of you did good with the GC’s… I use them to buy freinds and family gifts and Goddess Davina could always use more…My pedipet is learning how to be a 24/7 slave he’s learning fast…



he send me the comformation..what a good Pedipet

I love these shoes really haute..

these are nice too ..beside the box being beat up

this how the box came I was worried that the shoes were damage but they wasn’t..

these jeans fit nice even though they are low riders..not made for Big Ebony Booty like mines but I can still work it…haha

I can’t wait to work on this…

Now I know there are alot more of you that have the need to give WILLINGLY..go with the feeling and just do it….



until Goddess Davina speaks again


Spanks spanks

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