old slave back

   Well an old slave came back to where he belongs..he click on my yahoo on  july the 15 and ask to be added which I did and then it’s right back all down hill for him hahaha……right off the clift he falls for me….he cannot resist…he will not resist….he knows that lil lil ole manclit can’t realese itself unless I say so….he knows I(Goddess Davina) deserve it all…every last bit of it…nothing for him…nada…give give while that manclit stay tuck away in pain dripping tears..remember you don’t get to do shit unless I say so.. I put up a vid *that he REQUESTED* just for his tiny having of a dick ass  up just for him to keep buying…He knows All that Matters is ME…All That Matters is Me…

There’s  more to this conversation but don’t need the prying eyes looking now do we…ha ha Because we know ALL THAT MATTERS IS ME…

 Last night he got to veiw me 10 second three times and keep paying while fucking his man pussy with a cucumber..lol ,But he got a message can’t purchase you just bought vid thirty min ago…so he brought other vids to make up for it….that tiny lil nub musta had bust into tears twice maybe with out touching who knows he got the cucumber up his ass 4 inches saying it was so painful…you must learn to take it all for me you sissy slut…now he got to clean the mess with his toothbrush awwwwwww….carpet lint and cum what a combo….Now we going to do it all over again….Invisible chastity belt here we go right on that lil clitty..


My clip is number 1 under Financial Domination studios (smiles)…Good job my paypet let’s take it up a notch see how far it can go..cus pt 2 is going to be a hell of a ride for your ass…


zoom in if you can’t see it..

Let’s keep going pt two is going to be a mind fuck for you my paypet..

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*


Hello to every1 and to all my subbies and admirers…Well they found the dress as I was picking up something else pedipet got me….. the dress was lost for three weeks….hmmmm weird…check and inspect to make sure nothing been tamper with…looks in place..

well I’m glad it was found…


more fun chatting with my pedipet

he got me the pvc gloves and a sexy leapord dress

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

Ass & feet slave

Hello to every1 ,subbies,sluts and admirers…Had few sessions this month with this slave who on a busy schedule …. we talk for a bit before the meet up…He’s soo funny he loves to worship ass and feet….He ask me a silly question…”do I like to masturbate”…yea who don’t and he chuckle when I told him I broke my rabbit…I really did though…. so on our first session which was only 45 minutes of him kissing my black ass and worshipping my feet (so lovely) …he bought me a couple of gifts on our first session my love spell and a rabbit…I told him he will never see me using it…he said I know Goddess felt bad you broke your rabbit so I thought I will replace it and get you another one….oh how thoughtful of him…lol…well saw him already 4 times this month and 45 minutes of kissing ass and worshipping my feet $450 a pop is what it cost his pathetic ass kissing/feet licking butt…haha

session like this is easy no sweating or nothing just worship my ass and feet and get out my face…haha

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

a lil surprise

Hello to every1 ,subbies and admirers…well I got this lil gift in the mail and didn’t know who sent it..well it was from my lil doggie….it makes your feet feels wonderful soooo relax…

he did it before and got me these lovely boots

which are nice…

so like I said before I love gifts and $$$ big or small it is the thought and effort that you put in that counts

untill Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

my pedipet

  Hello to every1,subbies and my admirers…had fun with peditpet on skype ..using him is sooo much fun….

yesss I think he looks very good on his knees like every slave should be..

the dress is really look hot and sexy on me…


I just love these heels…don’t know why the pic came out crazy though…hmmm oh well


I know you can barly see the heels…well your lucky I gave you this much….lol


and two items I got off the gc he sent..

and bad news the post office lost my black dress…hopefully they can find it…*cries*


here’s a pic of the last heels he got me…

these heels look hot on me...

Untill Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

My pedipet~24/7 slave

  Hello to all my subbies,sluts and admirers…I’ve been chatting with my pedipet as he is in training to be my 24/7 slave…I’ve know him for about 3 yrs online….he listen and watch my vids over and over the way it should be…. he got me some very hot looking heels,paddle and a $50 GC…..he is my whipped pedipet that loves me with all his heart…don’t you my pedipet…ALWAYS you will…

they are tall…make me look like a giant Goddess…love them

this paddle though it seem flimsy have a pretty nice sting to it..*evil grin*


me and pedipet on skype

I had alot of fun demanding….


Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

pathetic white low life n newbie

Hello to all my subbies,sluts and admirers….chatting to my white low life about certain things …I prolly tell later as we see how it goes but he got my nice thigh high boots took some pics in them… you only get one that’s it…

may I add they do look good on me too…

well later on that day had a real time session with somebody new for two hrs….was a big whiner don’t say you want to get your spank really hard and fuck if  your worry bout who going to see the marks and what if someone ask why your walking funny…frankly it’s not my problem…lol…you want it hard and I give it to you hard…that’s it..lmao..

Until Goddess Davina Speaks again

*spanks* *spanks*

My good boy

Hello to all my subbies,admires and sluts…I was on my yahoo and my goodboy who buys my clips and enjoy watching them came out out the blue and tribute $$ to me on niteflirt…… he loves my clips and can’t stop watching them over and over again…He knows what is best for him and that is to always please me….what a goodboy he is…

Later on that night my white low life bitch aka ukbitch…. who love for me to beat the living crap out of him every single day of his life because he is soooo pathetic got me some sexy heels…

1 day these heels will torture your balls….you don’t need them anyway..*smiles*

I just been doing custom clips will update in my store and do some pics set when I’m all done..

Untill I speak again

*spanks* *spanks*


Hello to all…just coming in for a post…went out over the weekend and let’s just say sushi and drinks don’t mixed at all…….. I watch my girlfriend blow out chucks of scramble sushi by the end of the nite after we went clubbing……..Everytime she did it of course it made me feel like I had tooo, but instead I was dry heaving which is worst thing ever…….I had to cancel my session and reschedule it……so no more sushi and going out yuck…..I will just stick to my hotwings and a juicy greasy cheeseburger with all the works it holds the liquor better….I know that works better ,but I had a taste for sushi so won’t do it again..

 well my new webcam came in that my good doggie got me, and haven’t had a chance to take pics off it yet will maybe tomorrow or late tonight…my old one was really mess up had fuzzy colors going through it every time  used it….so I will see how it goes….. got on cam with it on yahoo and I was moving like a robot…so I made a account on skype and it moves alot faster…….

here is a couple of pics from old cam

cute fishnets stocking from slavedoggie…yeah yeah..I know my junk in the background believe me I know your not paying any attention to that are you…just what I thought…just me snacking on hotwings and eating on polish candy bars..I didn’t get these curves from starving..

see all that fuzz color in this pic even my vids was messing up too…so will play with new webcam and see how it comes out..

just a regular pic when cam was working fine …soooo enjoy…

Untill I  speak again

*spanks* *spanks*

A Please Goddess Davina

 Well my pedipet did good at Pleasing his Goddess and did it fast shipment…He has been doing his daily rituals like a good pet..The rest of you did good with the GC’s… I use them to buy freinds and family gifts and Goddess Davina could always use more…My pedipet is learning how to be a 24/7 slave he’s learning fast…



he send me the comformation..what a good Pedipet

I love these shoes really haute..

these are nice too ..beside the box being beat up

this how the box came I was worried that the shoes were damage but they wasn’t..

these jeans fit nice even though they are low riders..not made for Big Ebony Booty like mines but I can still work it…haha

I can’t wait to work on this…

Now I know there are alot more of you that have the need to give WILLINGLY..go with the feeling and just do it….



until Goddess Davina speaks again


Spanks spanks

© 2006-2010 Goddess Davina